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Download AutoCAD 2013 with Activator (Latest Update)

AutoCAD Features

Explore your design ideas with the powerful new features of AutoCAD® 2013 software. Connect withAutodesk® 360, share your designs with your social world, and work more productively with model documentation enhancements.  And with Autodesk Exchange Apps, it’s easier than ever to customize your AutoCAD experience. View demo videos to learn more about the following AutoCAD features:

  • Design Features and Demo Videos
  • Documentation Features and Demo Videos
  • Connectivity Features and Demo Videos
  • Customization Features and Demo Videos

Get Even More Features with AutoCAD Design Suite 2013

The AutoCAD Design Suite includes AutoCAD, plus powerful software tools that allow you to effectively re-use old paper-based drawings, develop conceptual sketches, and showcase your designs with impact. Take your work to the next level with these top features:

3D Free-Form Design Tools
You now have the power to design ideas in almost any form you can imagine. Simply push/pull faces, edges, and vertices to model complex shapes, add smooth surfaces, and much more.

Documentation Tools
AutoCAD delivers leading documentation tools built upon nearly 30 years of experience. Import models from a wide variety of other formats and automatically generate intelligent documentation.

Scanned Drawing Capture
Capture design information from scanned drawings and raster images, and clean them up using the despeckle tool.

Raster-to-Vector Conversion
Interactively convert your design information into AutoCAD DWG vector objects. Convert an image from non-bitonal to bitonal image, create relevant polylines, and even converts letter to AutoCAD text.

3D Rendering
Transform AutoCAD models into amazing 3D renderings. Share them live with an audience or publish them for remote access on mobile devices or the web.

Cinematic-Quality Presentations
Create cinematic-quality rendered animations. Simulate lighting analyses while modifying the visual settings and environment in real time.

Conceptual Design Sketching
Create conceptual design sketches for AutoCAD using your freehand drawings.

Autodesk 360 Connectivity
New tools to connect with Autodesk 360 help you synchronize your files and custom settings directly from within AutoCAD® software.

Autodesk Exchange Apps
Easily extend the power of AutoCAD software using AutoCAD companion apps. Getting the add-ins you need has never been easier.


(Full Download Link + Activator(Latest Update))

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